meet your embroidery artist

Hi, I’m Beth

I’m an embroidery artist, wife, and mother, living the simple life on the shores of Lake Huron in North Michigan with my pastor husband, and the two cutest babies on God’s earth.

Hand embroidery calms me and reminds me of the beauty and loveliness in the world. It’s my pause in the hectic whirl of mothering energetic toddlers– my sacred space to dig deep into what is pure and good and peaceful.

I love to create beautiful things for people and hearing about how you use my hoops to do sweet things for the people you love makes my day.


The Story

When I was 10 or 12, one of my favorite pastimes was shopping with my Grandma. We would wander the aisles together, browsing for treasures at the antique shops, and exploring the deepest recesses of the fabric store. 

One thing my Grandma could never pass up? Embroidery patterns. The patterns she bought were quaint, country designs in gaudy yellow packages. I would sit by her and watch the pictures come to life as she stitched them on pillowcases and dish towels by the hour.

I have a stack of those pillowcases in my linen closet. The haphazard and disjointed stitching on them tells the story of the progression of her dementia. They are one of the first things I would grab if my house caught fire

I feel honored to bring the rich heritage of the embroidery craft to the modern generation. In an age when nearly everything is streamlined and mass produced, there is richness in the old crafts.